Adding an Override to a Moodle Quiz

User or Group Overrides provide a way to customize access to a quiz for a subset of users. One example of this is extending a deadline or duration of a quiz for specific students, or to allow additional attempts. In some cases, a Moodle Quiz (or assignment) may need to be reopened after it has closed. When the quiz is closed and grades are already entered, overrides are also the best way to reopen the quiz. If the quiz is closed, changing the date will not always allow the group or student to access it. Overrides are the best way to ensure that someone can re-take or access the activity.

Moodle does not save or cache answers from previous attempts - if the quiz was unexpectedly closed, the questions will have to be redone. It is possible to allow for an attempt that was cut short but submitted to be 'continued.'

Allowing for a Partial Quiz to be 'Continued'

In order for a student to return to a quiz that was manually or automatically submitted before they were able to complete it (due to time or other constraints), it is necessary to change the overall quiz settings before adding an override.

Go to the quiz settings page, and expand the Grade section, and change Attempts allowed to anything greater than 1.

Then expand the Question behaviour section and set Each attempt builds on the last to Yes.

Save the settings, and then return to the settings page and set the Attempts back to 1 - the other settings will remain Yes. Proceed to add an override for the student by increasing their attempts to 2.

Adding an Override

To add an override, click on the quiz or assignment that you would like to update. You do not need to turn on editing.

Click on the More tab and select Overrides.

Click on the Add user override button.

In the dropdown, select from the list of participants (or groups) in the course.

Checking the Enable boxes will reactivate the fields and allow for a different date, time, and time limit.

Click Save.

The override date must be a future time or date in order for the quiz to reopen. If the activity stays closed - check the open and close date to make sure that these are future dates.

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