High-Precision Trimble GPS Services

St. Olaf College has available for high-precision Trimble units for projects that will require high accuracy. Scenarios could include:

  • Collecting positions of tree or other natural features on campus
  • Recording the size or positions of buildings
  • Collecting measures of elevation

For additional questions on the units, please contact the IT Helpdesk.

To check out the basic process for setting up a Trimble, see Trimble Setup.

Reserving a Unit

Before reserving a unit, everyone must go through training for assembling and equipment maintenance. Projects are approved on a case by case basis and the units can only be used for college business, coursework, or research. We reserve the right to deny a request if the request is for personal use. 

We share the units with Carleton College, so this may influence checkout or reserve dates.

Submit a request to the IT Helpdesk for an equipment checkout.

Note: On the form is says 2 business days required for pick-up - since we require a training session to use the Trimble units, please keep in mind that the date will have to adjust according to when the training is scheduled.


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