ArcGIS Pro

ArcGIS Pro is the new generation of ArcGIS Desktop (ArcMap). It includes many of the same tools, but the program has been created to make it easier to publish and share maps online.  ArcGIS Pro is available on campus in RNS 400 and on the computers in the DiSCO. It will require an ArcGIS Online account to use the program.

Additional information on availability and usage of ArcGIS Pro:

  • ArcGIS Pro can only be installed on college computers - we do not install ArcGIS Pro on personal computers
  • The program is compatible with Windows-only
  • We no longer support installing ArcGIS software on dual-boot computers (Fall 2022)
  • St. Olaf is primarily an ArcGIS Pro campus!

Request an ArcGIS Online account

For additional information on what ArcGIS Pro can do, visit the ESRI ArcGIS Pro features documentation.

Why do I have to log into ArcGIS Pro?

ArcGIS Pro is a desktop application that is able to connect to your ArcGIS Online account. The purpose of this connection is so you can create maps and publish them or share them online.

While this was possible in ArcGIS Desktop, the process was involved and would sometimes cause maps to disconnect. Sharing and publishing maps in ArcGIS Pro has been streamlined and the user experience has been improved greatly.

How do I log in?

Click on the icon for ArcGIS Pro or search for the program in the Start menu.

In the section for Enterprise login, enter stolaf (all lower case) into the box and hit Continue.

In the next window, click the button for St. Olaf College. Do NOT click the Google button. You will need to complete the 2-Step Authentication in order to complete the log-in process.

Can I have ArcGIS Pro on my personal computer?

ArcGIS Pro is only available for computer labs - if you have a need to use the application and are currently off-campus due to Covid restrictions, please contact the IT Helpdesk and we will work with you! 

Can I use ArcMap instead of ArcGIS Pro?

In 2024 - ESRI is discontinuing support for ArcMap (ArcGIS for Desktop) and is moving specifically to support for ArcGIS Pro. By 2026, all download and installations will be discontinued by ESRI. 

Starting Fall 2023, St. Olaf will primarily be an ArcGIS Pro campus - we will only install ArcMap in cases where a research project is using a tool that is made only for ArcMap. In 2026, we will no longer install or support ArcMap software for any college projects or computers. 


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