Gaming at St. Olaf

For gamers and esport fans, we encourage you to check if your room is already setup with a wired connection. If not, for a faster response, request ethernet activation BEFORE you come to campus by filling out this form

Connecting your game console (e-sports)

Wired Connections in Rand, Hilleboe, Kittelsby, Ytterboe, Mohn, New Hall, and Townhomes: these ResHalls have new access points (AP). Both eduroam and St. Olaf Guest WiFi work as normal, but the only difference is that on the bottom of the AP, there are four ports for wired connections (of any kind - console, TV, computer, etc): 

  • E0/PT is not active (and not available for activation)

  • E1, E2, E3, and E4 are always active and do not require activation

Plugging into the AP is preferred in these locations. It is also faster too!!! The port going to the AP is at a gig and the others next to it are capped at 100 meg since they only use two pair. Also, there’s a much lower chance of errors / headache both from poor wire quality. Plus it prevents/avoids the desk smashing up to the actual data outlets, etc.

Wired Connections in all other dorms: If your room has an access point in it, you can connect your computer to it using a cable. Otherwise you will need to request your data (wall) jack to be activated by contacting the IT Helpdesk. To request ethernet activation, please fill out this form. You’ll be notified once the connection is activated, and then can connect your cable to the data jack; please make sure you have the correct cable (as noted above).


Residence Hall Wired Connections


All ResHalls have wired ports. All ResHalls have ethernet (RJ45) ports for network access. Ethernet cables can be purchased from the Bookstore.

RJ45 - RJ45 Cable

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)


All residence halls require RJ45 - RJ45 to connect to the St. Olaf network:


Residence Hall

Ethernet Cable





















*If you have a switch to connect several computers, you need one cable to connect the switch to the wall data jack. Each computer will need one RJ45-RJ45 cable to connect the computer to the switch.  The IT Helpdesk also has some small switches that can be checked out; you can request one by filling out this form

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have more computers in my room than network jacks?
In some cases, you may wish to connect more computers than there are network jacks (such as two computers in a Thorson double, or three in a Kittelsby or Larson room, etc.). If this is the case, you can check out a switch from the IT Helpdesk. You can request one by filling out this form.

How much does it cost me?
The connection to our system is free. The only cost will be the hardware that your computer needs to connect to our network. Many computers purchased recently already have the necessary hardware and need only a cable to connect.

Do I have to apply for a connection?
Yes. Contact the IT Helpdesk and let them know you need a physical network connection (ethernet activation). You can call 507-786-3830 or fill out this form. You’ll be notified once the connection is activated.

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