stoPrint - Windows (personal computers)

When printing to the stoPrint or stoPrint-color printers, your documents will be held in a print "queue." This allows you to choose any MFC on campus to release (print) your document. Typical use cases:

  • Faculty and Staff who use their personal devices and need to charge print jobs to a Department Account.
  • Printing sensitive documents (because it requires you to release - and watch - the document print at the printer).
  • Students who cannot print using stoPrint-personal on their personal device (which, by the way, if you cannot get it working, please contact the IT Helpdesk for help first. Simply fill out this form.)

Step 1: Install the Printing Software

The followings steps detail how to install the printing software PCClient (PaperCut) on a personal Windows computer. If you are using a campus computer, the software is already installed.

  1. Open File Explorer and type:   \\\pcclient:

  2. Select the win folder, then double-click client-local-install:

  3. Select Run, then Next several times, then Install
  4. When prompted, enter your St. Olaf username (without the and password:


Step 2: Install and Configure the Printers

The followings steps detail how to install stoPrint on a personal Windows computer. If you are using a campus computer, the printers are already installed.

  1. If you had previously installed stoPrint, open the Devices control panel in Settings, select the stoPrint printer and select Remove Device. You must delete the old stoPrint printer before installing the new one.
  2. Use the search tool to locate and open the Control Panel:

  3. Select User Accounts:

  4. Select Manage Windows Credentials:

  5. Select Add a Windows credential:

  6. Enter the following information:
    Internet or network address: *
    User name: STOAD\username (Replace username with your St. Olaf username)
    Password: Your St. Olaf password

  7. Select OK, and then close the Credential Manager window.
  8. Select Start > Settings > Devices.
  9. Select Add a printer or scanner.
  10. Select The printer that I want isn’t listed:

  11. Choose Select a shared printer by name, enter one of the following, then select Next:
    1. For stoPrint, enter:   \\\stoPrint
    2. For stoPrint-color, enter:    \\\stoPrint-color

  12. Select Next, and then select Finish to complete the installation.


How to Print from a Windows Computer:

  1. When printing a document, select the stoPrint (or stoPrint-color) printer.
  2. If prompted, enter your St. Olaf username (without the and password.
  3. The PaperCut software will pop up. If the PaperCut software doesn't pop-up, please search your computer to make sure it's installed and running. 
    Select where to charge the print job:
    1. To charge it to your print plan/Ole dollars, select Charge to my personal account
    2. To charge it to your department, select Charge to shared account, then select the Account from the dropdown list:

      The print job will stay in the queue on the print server until it is released. Print jobs that are not released within 24 hours are automatically deleted.
  4. At one of the MFC devices (Toshiba multifunction copiers), swipe your Ole Card. 
  5. Select the print job from the list and print. 
  6. When finished, press the LOGOUT button, and tap YES to logout of the copier



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