Network File Storage - Connecting with Windows 8 or 10

The following steps explain how to connect to a St. Olaf Network drive from a personal computer. If you using a St. Olaf computer, please open File Explorer and your drives will show. If they don't, please skip to the "Map Network Drives" section below. 

To Know - Before You Start

This should only need to be done once and then your computer will reconnect to the network file storage each time it starts up.

Make sure you are connected to the St. Olaf network via wire or eduroam. If you are off-campus, first connect to the VPN (see the Related Articles section on this page, if you need to setup your VPN.) We encourage you to consult local laws before using the St. Olaf VPN when outside the US. 

Add Credentials (Personal Computer Only)

  1. From the Windows Start screen, type ‘credential’ and then click on Settings. Click on Credential Manager to open it. (Alternatively, you can open the Control Panel and open the Credential Manager control panel from there.)

  2. In the Credential Manager control panel, click Add a Windows credential:


  3. Fill out the information as follows, then select OK:

    Internet or network address: *
    User name: STOAD\username (replace “username” with your St. Olaf username)
    Password: your St. Olaf password



Map Network Drives

  1. Select File Explorer (the yellow folder icon at the bottom of your screen or search your computer):

  2. Select This PC, then select the Computer menu at the top of the File Explorer window and then click Map network drive:

  3. In the Map Network Drive window that appears, enter the following:
    Drive Letter     Folder     To Access…
    P:     \\\prime    Applications and installers    
    S:     \\\shared       Shared folders

    Check Reconnect at logon. (This will ensure that you are reconnected to the network drives after you reboot your computer.)

  4. Select Finish.
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