VPN Connection - Windows

St. Olaf IT maintains a virtual private network (VPN) for use by college faculty, staff and students. A VPN allows computers off campus (e.g. at your home) to securely connect to the St. Olaf network and function as if it was on campus. It allows access to server files and applications that are restricted to on campus users. Please note that library resources do not require VPN.

  1. Visit https://pan.stolaf.edu. If prompted, log in to Google with your St. Olaf account.
  2. Select Download Windows 64 bit GlobalProtect agent:

  3. Open the downloaded file to launch the installer. Select Next on all the install screens to install the VPN software. 

    If the “User Account Control” window pops-up requesting your Username & password....
    On personal computers, enter the credentials for an account with administrator rights.  
    On campus computers, enter .\admin as the username and your local admin password (same as bitlocker):

  4. You will see a short progress bar. Select Close when the program has successfully installed: 

  5. The VPN (GlobalProtect) will pop-up in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen (might take a minute).
    If it doesn't appear, click the globe icon:

  6. For the Portal Address field, enter pan.stolaf.edu, then select Connect

  7. When prompted to log into Google, enter your St. Olaf email and password. Complete your 2-step verification also. 
  8. You will see this when you are connected successfully:

  9. To disconnect, select the globe and select Disconnect:

Uninstall Old VPN Connection

If you have the old VPN installed, please go ahead and remove it by following these instructions:

  1. In the bottom left-hand corner, select the Start button, then Settings (gear icon). 
  2. Select Network and Internet.
  3. From the left-hand menu, select VPN.
  4. Remove all the St. Olaf VPN connections. 


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