Teaching Station: The camera/mic system isn't here/working like I expect...

Can I use the room camera/mics on my laptop?

If there is a USB cable (USB-A or USB-C) available at the teaching station then the room camera and mic systems are available for use on your laptop. Connect it if there is.

If not, the camera and mic system is only available for use on the teaching station computer.


Vaddio System Rooms - It is a 'Vaddio System' room if you see a second touch panel on the podium or the Crestron touch panel has an icon in the upper center of the panel that looks like this: Camera controls icon

Other Camera Rooms - The cameras in these rooms may be various brands, including Vaddio. The controls for the camera will be via a remote control.


'VADDIO SYSTEM' ROOMS - AND 121, CMC 306, LAIR 205, LDC 335, LEIG 304, WCC 136


The camera view is black.

Please make sure that correct camera is chosen in your software. If there are no cameras to choose and you know that the room is equipped with the Vaddio system (there are wall cameras and ceiling mics) please submit a classroom issue ticket.

The camera views are overly bright.

Find the camera control touch screen (see question below). Please press the 'home' icon or another preset position. This should apply the Vaddio feature that adjusts for that issue.

Where do I find the Vaddio System controls? 

WCC & CMC have an additional touch panel; AND, LAIR, LDC, and LEIG are controlled on the Crestron touch panel.

I don't have the camera view I want.

Find the camera control touch screen (see question above). From there you can switch between teacher and student cameras or adjust the direction/zoom if needed. You can also try one of the presets to see if one works for what you want.




I don't see a choice in Zoom for the room camera.

It may be off. In many rooms of this sort there will be a remote for the camera. If there is and it has a power button, try turning it off and on again (or on at all...) If there is not a remote, you will need to submit a classroom issue ticket.

The camera view is a solid blue screen and it is purple around the lens.

The camera may be in standby mode. Press the power button to bring it out of standby.



Didn't find what you needed? - Submit a classroom issue ticket or call Classroom Support at x5002 

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