Teaching Station: The document camera isn't here/displaying...

The document camera is not displaying!

Things to try:

  • Make sure the document camera is powered on.
  • Make sure you have chosen the document camera on the touch panel.
  • Make sure the video mute on the touch panel is not active. See this article for details.
  • Make sure the cables are firmly seated/plugged in.


I can't find the document camera!

Not all rooms have one. If the room has a document camera, it should be on a teaching station surface or in a drawer within the teaching station.

  • Look for a drawer on either side of the teaching station (there will be a handle). Example of Doc Camera drawer in a teaching station.
  • Look for a drawer in or above the teaching station equipment stack (it may be black or 'wood.'). Wooden front drawer exampleBlack metal drawer example
  • Look for an open space/shelf in the equipment stack where it is sitting. Doc cam on shelf example 1doc cam on shelf example 2
  • Look for it on the top surface of the station, but under other items.


Didn't find what you needed? - Submit a classroom issue ticket or call Classroom Support at x5002 


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