CDW: Carleton's Computer Purchasing Portal

Carleton students, faculty, and staff can purchase a computer through our Computer Purchasing Portal. The site offers a number of bundles featuring laptops that meet our recommended baseline (or mid-tier) specifications, but also allows you to choose whatever options or equipment you feel best suits your needs or means. Equipment purchased through this portal is offered featuring Carleton's purchasing discount through CDW-G.

  1. Use this special link to create your account using your Carleton email address: 
  2. Then view Carleton's purchasing portal to view Carleton's "bundles" (listed in the navigation bar) and other discounted items.
  3. Select the computer you would like to purchase
  4. Select a warranty (these are HIGHLY recommended as any liquid spill or dropped computer repair will far exceed the cost of the warranty)
    • Our Bundles include a warranty, though if you buy a Windows computer we highly recommend that you add an Accidental Damage warranty to your order.
    • If you do not select a Bundle, you will have to select your own warranty
  5. Check out

Note that warranties are very important for college-bound laptops. Since modern laptops offer fewer component-level repair options, the cost of fixing the damage arising from a single drop or spill can easily justify the cost of the warranty. 

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