Amazon: Purchasing Restricted Items

Carleton College restricts some Amazon purchases, however Amazon sometimes applies this restriction to items that individuals and departments can certainly purchase for themselves. For example: adapters, keyboards and mice, and some computer cables may show up as Restricted when in fact people are welcome to purchase these things on their own.

Please do NOT bypass these restrictions if you are ordering a computer or something similar. Please talk to ITS if you need to purchase high level technology.

How to Purchase

  1. Navigate to the item that you will be purchasing. You may see a prompt stating that the item is organization restricted. Ignore the prompt, and add the item to your cart
    The prompt declaring your item is organization restricted.
  2. Continue shopping, or proceed to you cart
  3. Once you are in your cart, you might see a prompt stating that your cart contains items restricted by your organization. Ignore the prompt, and continue with the checkout​​​​​​​
    The prompt declaring there is a restricted item in your cart.
  4. Continuing with you checkout you might see a prompt stating your order requires approval. You do not need to provide comments for approval​​​​​​​
    The prompt declaring your item needs approval
  5. Select continue and proceed with the rest of your transaction
Note: Your purchase will proceed to the business office to be approved or denied at the end of your transaction automatically
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