Crestron Wireless Presentation: Quick Start Guide

Most new or refreshed projection spaces now have the option to project wirelessly from your mobile device. You will need to have the projection system or monitor turned on. You can check this through a touch panel on the instructor station podium or a button controller near the monitor. Then use either the follow icons on the control devices:

  • on touch panels A standard wifi icon
  • on button controllers​​​​​​​ airmedia logo, which is a circle with the left side of the letter "A" aligned with the right side of the circle.   or 

Wireless presentation will work with both Eduroam and CarletonGuests networks and works most reliably when sharing a laptop display.

NOTE: We have disabled device discovery (Discover Receivers) on our campus.

Getting Started

Need Help?

Please contact the PEPS Team for assistance.

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