GlobalProtect VPN: Troubleshooting "Stale Request" at login

Some users are unable to log into the GlobalProtect VPN because after signing in they get a "Stale Request" error page. ITS is investigating the cause for this error.

Option 1: Workaround maintaining version 5.2.10

  1. Often, clearing the cache and cookies in specific browsers solves the issue:
  2. If clearing your cache and cookies does not help, click the "sign in" button with your mouse when you log in rather than hitting the Enter/Return key on your keyboard

Option 2: Downgrading to version 5.2.8

This option will not work well for people who work at St. Olaf as well as at Carleton. If you log in at St. Olaf, it will prompt you to update to 5.2.10 and then you'll have to downgrade again when you get back to Carleton.
  1. First, Uninstall GlobalProtect [link opens in a new window]
    • You will need your .\admin username and password for this
  2. Download version 5.2.8
  3. Double-click on the downloaded file and follow the prompts to install GlobalProtect
  4. Enter into the GlobalProtect window and then log in with your Carleton username and password
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Wed 3/9/22 9:50 AM
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