GlobalProtect VPN: Uninstalling the VPN

Uninstalling the VPN



  1. Go to (link opens in a new tab)
  2. Download the Mac 32/64 bit GlobalProtect agent
  3. Follow the instructions from Global Protect to Uninstall the VPN (link opens in a new tab)
    Essentially these instructions tell you to download and run the installer for GlobalProtect, but when you get to the "Installation Type" screen of the installer, you select "Uninstall GlobalProtect"

NOTE: If you use a Mac and no longer have a Carleton account, you can still uninstall the VPN:

  1. Go to your Applications folder
  2. Open the Utilities folder
  3. Open Terminal
  4. copy and past the following command into the Terminal window
    sudo /Applications/
  5. Press Enter
  6. Log in with your computer's admin account information
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