Malwarebytes: Installation and setup

Installing Malwarebytes

For personal computers, you may elect to download and subscribe to Malwarebytes from their website. Other options are listed in the article Top Security Practices for Students.

For Carleton-managed computers, look for Malwarebytes in either K1000 (Windows) or Jamf Self Service (Mac)

Note: Malwarebytes will not show up as an Application on your computer, but will be available through a Malwarebytes Icon Stylized M icon in your taskbar area, near your computer's clock.

macOS: Granting Full Disk Access

Apple computers will require that you grant "Full Disk Access" in order for Malwarebytes to function. Malwarebytes provides instructions, but their instructions are not fully accurate. Here's what to do:

  • macOS 11-12:
    1. Click on the Apple Icon and then System Preferences
    2. Select Security & Privacy
    3. Click on the Privacy tab near the top of the preferences box
    4. Click the lock icon in the lower left corner of the preferences box and enter your regular username and password
    5. In the left-hand list, select Full Disk Access
    6. Check the box next to Malwarebytes Endpoint Agent AND the box next to Malwarebytes Protection
  • macOS 13-14:
    1. Click on the Apple icon and then System Settings
    2. In the left-hand menu, select Privacy & Security
    3. Select Full Disk Access
    4. Toggle the switches next to Malwarebytes Endpoint Agent AND next to Malwarebytes Protection
    5. Log in with your regular username and password when prompted

Scanning your Computer

  1. Right-click on the "M" icon in your taskbar area, near your computer's clock
  2. Select Start Threat Scan
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