Create a Free Thinglink Account

What is Thinglink?

Thinglink is an online tool that offers resources to digitally annotate either still or 360/VR images. Virtual Tours can also be constructed and annotated with text, media, and other types of content.

Example: DiSCO Virtual Tour

In order to create a free account in Thinglink with the full sharing and visibility options, the account must be created as a Free Teacher account. Anyone can do this without a license or a code to set up the account - it just requires a few specific settings.

You do not need to be faculty in order to use this option - this can be used by any user accessing the site. Creating a personal account is also free, but will not allow full access to all of the share and visibility settings.

Limitations of note on the Free Teacher account:

  • You can't add students without an upgrade to Premium
  • Collaboration is not available
  • Projects are limited to 10,000 views

Collaboration is not available on any versions of the free account.

Create a Free Teacher Account

Go to Thinglink and click on Sign up for free.

Click on the Google Button on the next window and log in using your St. Olaf account. After setting up your account, Thinglink will load a screen that will auto fill your name and email.

Click on Continue.

In the next window, select the option for Education/School - select Continue.

It may not matter which option is selected - but it is recommended to select Higher-Edu Professor as a role. Click Continue.

Select the option for Online Courses.

Click Continue.

For the Final details, enter your name, school name, and pick a subject from the list. If none of the subjects match your project, it is okay to select Other.

Click Continue.

The account will finish set up and any projects will have full access to all visibility settings.


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