Knightlab Timeline JS

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Timeline JS is an open-source application that creates interactive timelines. Points on the timeline can be combined with text, media, and other resources.

For additional information, see the Knightlab Timeline JS tutorial video.


This application is quick to learn and to set-up. Some basic features include:

  • Projects are created by Google Sheet spreadsheets - to create a project, you must download the template from the site. Columns are set up to connect with the timeline.
  • Collaboration available - Groups can collaborate on the spreadsheet which will automatically sync to the timeline
  • Sharing and embedding available - timelines can be shared and embedded on websites, such as Moodle or Wordpress.

Projects are not saved - all timeline information is connected to the spreadsheet. If the URL link to the timeline is lost, recreate a new timeline at any point with the spreadsheet.

Google Sheet Updates (2021)

Due to updates that Google has made to Google Sheets - in order to share Timelines, Google Sheets must be marked as public. Google Sheets that are listed as "St. Olaf Organization Only" may experience broken links for media content or timelines may not appear after being embedded.


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