ChemDraw Prime - MacOS

How to Download and Install ChemDraw Prime

  1. Navigate to
  2. Search for St. Olaf College
  3. Register for an account
  4. Receive welcome email and finish registration
  5. Activate account, login, and select "ChemDraw Prime"
  6. Download "ChemDraw Prime- MAC"
  7. There is a tricky part in the installation. When you get to the point where it asks for a restart, restart your machine and then check the "Downloads" folder. You should see the most recent download as a ".dmg" file. Launch that, it is the user agreement.

Once it is downloaded and moved to your applications folder, launch ChemDraw Prime. 

How to Activate ChemDraw Prime

  1. From your Account page (above), go to the Order History tab on the left navigation pane
  2. Select the applicable order #
  3. Scroll down to the activation code on the right side

This should finalize the installation and activation.


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