3D Printing in the DiSCO

What is a 3D printer used for?

People around the world have begun utilizing 3D printing technologies to print body parts for transplant, create new musical instruments, build gear motors, and even lift a car. 

Here at St. Olaf 3D printing has been used to print art objects, Baroque musical instruments, and ancient artifacts. Universities across the country are beginning to take advantage of 3D printing, in all departments from engineering and materials science to anthropology and architecture. The possibilities are endless!

No idea how to go about making your own model? Check out this Blender Tutorial from Lynda to get started.

Does the DiSCO have a 3D Printer?

Yes! The DiSCO has a few 3D printers available for use. Before you can print, you’ll need to make sure your files are ready to go. Follow this 3D Modeling Print Guide to ensure your files are prepped.

Submit a Specialty Print Request to the DiSCO.

How much does it cost?

3D printing is typically free for students (this could potentially change based on the project - but students are not usually charged).

For staff and faculty, we can provide pricing and may require a budget number when the project request is submitted.

Can I only use it for class?

This printer can be used for both class and personal purposes. 3D print projects are reviewed on a case by case basis.

Can I print different colors?

Typically, white is almost always the default color in the printer. In some cases we may have additional colors available.

If you have a request for a specific color, please include this in Specialty Print Request and we can review it.

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