SPSS is a statistical software package used at St. Olaf College.

Installation Types

There are two options to choose from when installing SPSS:

A network installation uses a license server on the St. Olaf network to authorize use of SPSS. 
•    Requires connection to the St. Olaf network, either on campus or via VPN. 
•    Available for all campus computers.

A site license installation requires one time authorization from SPSS after installation. 
•    Suitable for computers that are not always connected to the St. Olaf network. 
•    Available for faculty (must be associated with a class) on their campus or personally-owned computers.
•    Available for students to install on their personally-owned computers.

Please choose one of the installation methods below. 

Network Installation (campus computer)

  1. From your St. Olaf computer, open the application Self Service (MacOS) or Software Center (Windows)
  2. Find SPSS in the list and select Install

Site License (standalone) Installation 

  1. Visit the St. Olaf Software Google Shared drive

  2. Open the SPSS folder and download the SPSS installer. For Windows, download the .exe file; for MacOS, download the .pkg file

  3. Authorization Code: to view the authorization code, please click the following link. You will be asked to login first. Please do not share the code with anyone else. 
    Code for SPSS

  4. Once you've received the authorization code, install the software. 
    Under “Product Authorization,” select the first option: “Authorized user license.”

SPSS and MacOS Sonoma (14.0)

IBM is reporting that SPSS Statistics doesn't Run on Sonoma (macOS 14.0) and have released a patch for SPSS version 29 to use in the interim. Instructions for applying the patch can also be found in the St. Olaf Software Google Drive - SPSS 29 folder.

How to apply the hotfix: 

1) Download libplatdep.dylib fix file from here

2) Close all instances of Statistics 29 Desktop

3) Open your Finder

  1.  In the Go menu at the top of your screen, select Go to Folder
  2. Type in /Applications/IBM SPSS Statistics/SPSS Statistics.app/Contents/lib/ and hit enter

  3. Find the libplatdep.dylib file in the SPSS 29 folder and copy it to your desktop (or anywhere out of this folder where you'll know where it is) as a backup

4) Copy the downloaded fix file to the SPSS /lib/ folder located in step 3)

  1. If prompted, choose “replace” and enter in your password

5) Make sure the installed files have correct permissions (e.g. chmod 755)
6) Launch SPSS and make sure everything runs correctly

For more information about SPSS and Mac Sonoma see SPSS Statistics Doesn't Run on Sonoma (macOS 14.0) Known Issues


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