Computer Virus Protection

What anti-virus software should I use?

Whether you use a Microsoft Windows or Apple macOS personal computer IT recommends installing and running anti-virus software.

Microsoft Windows 10 includes Microsoft Defender Antivirus which provides adequate virus protection. To learn more about configuring and running Microsoft Defender Antivirus at

For Apple macOS and other versions of Microsoft Windows, there are a variety of free and subscription anti-virus products available. When choosing an anti-virus product, be sure to select a known and reputable vendor. Also, look for a product that provides web browsing and Internet threat protection. 

IT recommends AVG or Malwarebytes. Instructions for downloading and installing these products can be found at their respective sites. Both provide basic protection at no cost. Additional features can be unlocked with a subscription.

What are some tips for safe computing?

  • Install and run anti-virus software. Scan your computer regularly. Keep virus signatures up-to-date.

  • Ensure that you have all critical updates for your operating system. Make sure that your computer is set to install updates automatically.

  • Ensure your browser is running the current version.

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