Scanning Documents to Email

All multifunction copiers (AKA stoPrint copiers or MFC) can scan a printed document and email it to you. 

NOTE: Email attachments are limited to 25MB. If you do not receive your scans, please scan less pages at a time or lower the resolution. 

How to Scan

  1. Login to the MFC device by holding your Ole Card up to the card reader. Depending on the device, the reader will be in a different spot:

  2. Select Scan:

  3. Select an Account (this is a mere formality - it does not cost anything to scan)
  4. You will see a Scan to My Email screen, which will pre-populate your email address.
  5. OPTIONAL: if you'd like to change the scan settings, press the Scan Settings option:

  6. Press the Start button when you are ready. 

  7. When finished, scan your Ole Card to logout, or press the Logout button.


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