Scanning Documents to Email

All multifunction copiers (AKA stoPrint copiers or MFC) can scan a printed document and email it to you. 

NOTE: Email attachments are limited to 25MB. If you do not receive your scans, please scan less pages at a time or lower the resolution. 

How to Scan

  1. Load the document to be scanned into the sheet feeder or place it on the glass.
  2. Hold your Ole Card up to the card reader:

  3. Press the SCAN button:

  4. To scan in black & white, continue to step #5.
    To scan in color or other advanced settings, please scroll down to Advanced Options below. Then continue to step #5. 
  5. Tap E-MAIL:

    The TO field will be automatically populated with your email address:

    FILE FORMAT: the default is PDF. If you need a different file format, please choose from the dropdown options. 

  6. Tap OK
  7. Tap SCAN to scan your document.
      - If you placed your document in the sheet feeder, the copier will scan the document and then send the email.
      - If you placed your document on the glass, place the next page on the glass (for example, if you are scanning a few pages from a book) and then tap SCAN. When you are done, tap JOB FINISH to send the email.

  8. When finished, press the LOGOUT button:

    and tap YES to logout:


Advanced Options

Please make sure you've logged into the copier by following steps #1-3 above. Once you've set your advanced options, please return to step #5 above. 

Color Mode

Color scanning is available on ALL copiers. To scan in color, tap FULL COLOR:



To scan at a higher resolution, tap one of the options under RESOLUTION. Note: scanning at a higher resolution will increase the size of the scan. Email attachments are limited to 25MB, therefore if you don't receive an email with your scan, please try to scan again at a lower resolution. 


Scanning Photos

By default, scanning is set to TEXT. For better results when scanning photos, tap ORIGINAL MODE, tap PHOTO and then tap OK:


Duplexing (2-sided scan)

By default, scanning is set to SINGLE. To scan a 2-sided original, tap SINGLE / 2-SIDED SCAN, tap BOOK, and then tap OK:


Other Options

Set any additional options such as original size, contrast and sharpness as needed. Tap the scroll arrows on the right of the display to access these additional options.



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