stoPrint - Linux

To use stoPrint, you must first install the PaperCut user client software. These instructions should run on most major Linux distributions (Ubuntu/Debian/Mint, Fedora/CentOS/Red Hat, etcetera).

Install Java 11+

Linux computers are supported via Java. Java version 11 or higher is required. Your Linux distribution might have Java pre-installed or have the option to install. If no Java option exists, you will need to install Java 11 for your distribution. Consult your distribution's documentation for details about whether Java is pre-installed.

Copy the PaperCut User Client Files

Copy the PaperCut user client files from the papercut server to your computer.

  1. Create a directory for the user client: /usr/local/papercut/client.
  2. Using smbclient or the Gnome or KDE smb:// file browsing tools (this will vary based on your distribution), copy the files to the directory created above. The files are located at smb:// You will need your St. Olaf username and password to connect.


Set File Permissions

Open a command prompt (terminal) and set execute permissions on the file as follows:

cd /usr/local/papercut/client
chmod 755 ./


Start the PaperCut User Client

Launch the PaperCut user client by running /usr/local/papercut/client/ and login when prompted.


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