ArcGIS for Desktop

ArcMap (ArcGIS for Desktop)

Starting 2024 - ESRI will be discontinuing support for ArcMap. St. Olaf is primarily an ArcGIS Pro campus, but we will still have ArcMap licenses available for specific research situations. For any questions about ArcMap , contact the DiSCO via the IT Helpdesk for a consultation.

In 2026, ArcMap will be completely discontinued and download/installs will no longer be available.

ArcGIS for Desktop is provided free in some computer labs at St. Olaf. This software can be accessed in RNS 400 and the DiSCO. Once installed, no log-in is required to use the software. Learn more about ArcGIS Desktop

ArcGIS is only available for Windows computers, we can't install ArcGIS software on Mac computers.


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