ArcGIS for Desktop

ArcGIS for Desktop is provided free in some computer labs at St. Olaf. This software can be accessed in RNS 400 and the DiSCO. Once installed, no log-in is required to use the software.

From the initial release over 30 years ago, ArcGIS has been the industry standard for geographic information systems (GIS) and it remains the world leader for GIS software. It is designed to be as inclusive as possible to tackle any GIS editing, analysis, data modeling, or visualization task.  

Many people also use other GIS software in addition to ArcGIS if another software package is particularly good at a task– but ArcGIS is almost always the main GIS software used in any professional GIS project today.

Learn more about ArcGIS Desktop

For any questions about ArcGIS Desktop and how to use this program for research, contact the DiSCO via the IT Helpdesk for a consultation.

ArcGIS is only available for Windows computers, we can't install ArcGIS software on Mac computers.


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