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Before submitting a ticket, please consult the WordPress101 website to confirm your request cannot be resolved independently. WordPress 101 can help guide site maintainers through many different content elements (video embeds, image uploads, adding a child page, style elements, creating/managing forms, etc.).

If you are looking for access to a WordPress site, please contact the site’s Primary Maintainer before submitting a ticket, as they have the ability to grant access to the site.

Depending on your request type, your ticket will be routed to the individual best suited to help complete your request. Here are common website requests and/or issues for which we encourage you to submit a ticket:

  • I need help setting up a form
  • I need general help adding or editing content on my site
  • I would like WordPress training
  • I need a new WordPress website (NOT for course-specific content)
  • I need help with the layout/overall look of my site
  • I have an academic, course-specific website request (use Reclaim)
  • I need a go.url address for my site
  • I have a technical issue/request for an existing site
  • Something is broken and/or not working as it should​​​​​


More Information

Examples of CONTENT Request vs. TECHNICAL Request

"I need help displaying my video on my webpage.” This is a content request, and you should select the request type “Content changes to an existing site”.

"I moved a child page to a different parent page and the link is now broken.” This is a content request and you should select the request type “Content changes to an existing site”.

"I need help making changes to the campus map.” This is a technical request. 

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