Taking Home My Carleton-Owned Equipment

NOTE: You MUST have permission from your supervisor before taking equipment (except a laptop) home.

Fill out this form if you are taking home a desktop computer, laptop docking station, your monitors, or your desk chair.

Preparing for Your Move

We have prepared a detailed wiki page that walks through the process of preparing your computer while you are still in your office to increase the chance of a successful transition to home.

Wiki page: Taking your Carleton-Owned Computer Home

We strongly encourage you to review the whole page before departure to make sure you have everything you need!

What to Take

We recommend you take the following:

  • Computer (the desktop tower, iMac)
    If you are ONLY taking home your laptop, and no other equipment, you do not need to complete this form
  • Monitor
  • Cables: 
    • to connect the device and the monitor
    • power cables for the computer and monitor
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse

Please do not take scanners or printers.

Documenting Your Move

Please note the CCIDs (the 5-digit number on the computer or monitor) of the equipment you're taking home. 

  • This is a 5-digit number
  • The sticker is either red or silver and says Carleton
  • Computers, monitors, and docking stations have CCIDs, keyboards and mice do not

When you've got all the information, click "Report my Move" to the right!


Report My Move


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