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On Tuesday, August 2, 2022, Moodle was upgraded to version 3.11 for the 2022-2023 Academic Year. This new version brought a couple changes highlighted below.

New Appearance

Theme Change

All new courses are now in Fordson theme by default to include frequently requested features, such as the stationary navigation bar in the header that includes Course Management and Turn Editing on/Off. Looking for other themes? You can always change the theme and layout of your course to suit your preferences.

a moodle course page in the default fordson theme

Note: Courses before Summer 2022 with existing themes will remain the same. Courses with the Do Not Force theme will be switched to the Carleton Boost theme. Additionally, Moodle's Classic and Rebel theme have been removed; any previous courses with these themes will also be switched to the Carleton Boost theme.


Updated Activity and Resource Icons

Some activity and resource icons have changed to Moodle's new standard set of image icons. However, activity names (i.e. assignment, quiz, file) and external activity icons (Panopto, Language Lesson, hypothes.is) have remained the same. To find an activity, use the top search bar and type the name of the activity you are looking for. Additionally, you can customize your activity chooser by starring () the activities and resources you use most often. Then, a Starred tab will appear on the left.

Add an activity pop up window with a list of tiles for each moodle activity



Default Course Image

New courses with no Course image will be defaulted to Moodle's banner image. We highly recommend adding an image to your course so it is more easily identifiable. To add a course image, go to Course Management > Edit course settings > upload an image to the Course image box > scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save and display.

Moodle dashboard with courses in tile format and course information redacted





Stationary Buttons

The Course Management panel and Turn Editing On/Off button are now in an easy-to-access, stationary navigation bar that locks to the top of your screen even as you scroll down your Moodle course page. The Course Management panel can be accessed by clicking on the 3-gear icon (). Turn Editing On () is highlighted in green, while that same button becomes a red power icon () to Turn Editing Off.

close up of the course management button

If Course Management seems a little overwhelming at first, you can always refer back to the familiar Actions Menu (marked by) on the top-right corner of the pop-up.

pop-up menu settings to activities, question back, badges, course settings, and user links

close up of the turn edit on button close up of the turn edit off button



Course Visibility is now in Course Settings

All course sites start off hidden from students, indicated by gray text on the course title. This gives instructors an opportunity to work on their course before students have access to it. To change the visibility of your course, go to Course Management > Edit course settings > choose an option in the Course visibility box > scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save and display.
Note: Moodle course Announcements will not be sent out to students unless the course is made visible to them

Moodle edit course settings with the course visibility option highlighted with a red bordered box


Drag and Drop Files into Your Course

To add files (such as a PDF of your syllabus) into your Moodle page, simply Turn editing on, click and drag your file from your local file storage, and drop it into your Moodle page.
Note: By default, the link title of the document will be the file name. To adjust any title name, click the pencil () icon next to the name and hit Enter/return key to save.


Completion Requirements and Status Listed alongside Activities

If Activity Completion is enabled and requirements are set for activities, students will be able to see the requirements directly below the activity. Uncompleted requirements will be displayed in gray with a 'To do' label, then turn green with a 'Done' label when completed. Activity completion has proved beneficial for both students and instructors alike; students have a clear understanding of the expectations of an activity, while instructors can view the Activity completion report for all enabled activities in the course (Course Management > under User Links, Activity completion).

close up of the activity completion functionality: to do and done


New Quiz Settings

Essay Questions: Set the minimum and maximum word count allowed Settings for an essay question in Quiz activity.


Personal Pronouns in Moodle Profile

You can find instructions to edit personal pronouns here.

close up of the personal pronoun option in moodle edit profile settings


Additional Updates

  • User and Group Overrides are now available for Assignments.
  • Customized permission overrides can now be included when importing a course to a new site.
  • When setting site language to en_us, references to ‘marking’ are changed to ‘grading’.



If you have any questions about the information above, click the Request Service button at the top right corner of this page or email us at at@carleton.edu.


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