Welcome to the Integrated Knowledge Base (in development)


As part of the new ticketing system (TeamDynamix), implemented in collaboration with St. Olaf, an integrated Knowledge Base will allow us to quickly reference how-to articles when responding to your tickets.  This knowledge base is in development and currently houses information about the VoIP phone transition.

Additional information can be found in our historical wiki, Carlpedia, and on the Carleton ITS website.


You can explore the knowledge base by category (currently limited to Communication and Collaboration), or you can search using the Client Portal search bar, available at the top of each page in the client portal, and featured at the center of the IT Support Home page in the yellow menu bar.

The globe icon at the left of the search bar will search both knowledge base articles and services - so you can access information or submit a ticket as meets your needs.

If you click the globe icon, you can select the knowledge base or services specifically to narrow your search results.


Additional information will be entered into the knowledge base throughout the upcoming year as IT develops new knowledge management practices to make good use of this new tool.


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