Printer Locations


stoPrint copier locations in academic buildings and residence halls. These MFC machines (multi-function copiers) offer printing, copying and scanning.


Where are the stoPrint copiers located?

Academic Building Labs:

  • Boe Memorial Chapel Undercroft (lower level)
  • Buntrock Commons 110 (near Print Center)
  • Buntrock Commons Fireside
  • Buntrock Commons Crossroads (First floor outside Buntrock Office)
  • Christiansen Hall of Music 148 (Music Library) 
  • Center for Art and Dance 204 (the Link)
  • Center for Art and Dance 224 (small room across the hall from the main art office)
  • Holland Hall 2nd Floor (by computer lab 201)
  • Holland Hall 3rd Floor (east of open study space)
  • Holland Hall 6th Floor
  • Regents Hall 1st floor (by Nursing)
  • Regents Hall 2nd floor atrium (next to the aquarium)
  • Rolvaag Memorial Library 115 (The Den)
  • Rolvaag Memorial Library 2nd Floor by Elevator
  • Rolvaag Memorial Library 330
  • Rolvaag Memorial Library 3rd Floor Art Gallery
  • Rolvaag Memorial Library 3rd Floor Open Study Space
  • Rolvaag Memorial Library 4th Floor DiSCO (color)
  • Rolvaag Memorial Library 560
  • Skoglund
  • Tomson Hall 101 (just off the atrium) (color)
  • Tomson Hall 3rd floor West Lantern (windowed lounge)

Residence Hall Labs:

  • Ellingson Hall public lab
  • Hill-Kitt public lab
  • Hoyme Hall public lab
  • Kildahl Hall public lab
  • Larson Hall public lab
  • Mellby Hall public lab
  • Mohn Hall public lab
  • New Hall (West side by entrance)
  • Rand Hall public lab
  • Thorson Hall public lab
  • Ytterboe Hall public lab



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