Google Virtual Reality (VR) Tour Creator

Google Earth VR Tour Creator is a free Google application that can create slide shows of 360/virtual photography. Annotation markers with text, pictures, or other media can be added to expand on the experience. This application is free and available to anyone with a St. Olaf (or non-St. Olaf) account.

Google Earth VR projects can be shared, but unlike other Google applications, these are individual projects only. There isn't a collaboration function (multiple editors to one project) available for Google Earth VR.

This guide will walk through adding photography from the Street View option - if you would like to take your own photos to use, the DiSCO as a 360 Ricoh Theta camera available for this purpose. If you would like to check out the camera, please contact the IT Helpdesk.

After creating the slide show, the project is saved to the Google Earth VR Tour Creator website and Google Poly.

If you have any questions about Google Earth VR Tour Creator, contact the IT Helpdesk for a consultation.

Start a Project

Click on Get Started on the main Google Earth VR Tour Creator page.

The template window will appear. Click on New tour.

Add a Title, details in the description box, and a cover photo. If you don’t have a cover photo, you may need to add a placeholder photo to start the project. This can always be changed at a later date.

Landscape view photos will look the best as a cover photo.

Click on Create.

In the Add scene window, there is a Street View and Upload tab. Click on the Street View tab, and the Google Map search will appear.

Search for a city, landmark, or any geographic location. 

Click on the small person icon on the map - similar to navigating Street View in Google Maps - and drag the icon to a location.

Areas on the map highlight in blue to show that there is a photo associated with that location. As the icon is placed in different locations, the photograph on the right side will update.

To add the picture to your project, click Add scene on the bottom right corner.

Adding Annotation Markers

To add an annotation marker, click on Add point of Interest.

A marker will appear on the picture - click and drag it to the desired location. Add details about the marker in the right panel.

Add as many markers to the map as needed.

Videos or audio may need to be uploaded directly to the project or added as a hyperlink. Embedding is not an available option for the pop-ups.

Publish the Project

To publish the project, click on Publish.

In the Visibility window, there are options to make the tour Public or Unlisted. Set the Visibility to Public. If the Visibility is set to Unlisted, it may be difficult for some viewers to see the project.

Click Publish.

Click on View tour or copy and paste the link into a web browser.

The tour will open in Google Poly, which is the 3D modeling application for Google. To get back to the project, it can be opened in Google VR Tour Creator or in Google Poly by clicking on your profile.


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