iPad Checkout and Reservation

We can provide iPads for use in study abroad courses or for extended periods on campus. iPads can also be reserved by faculty request for coursework or research. 

To check out an iPad, contact the IT Helpdesk: Equipment Reservation & CheckoutRequests that are received by the Equipment Reservation & Checkout form will be given priority on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please allow up to 2 business days to process your request.

COVID-19 & Working Remote: Contact the IT Helpdesk if you are need of a device to do coursework. We may be able to help out!

Policy Guidelines

To access the St. Olaf Policy Guidelines for checking out iPads, see the iPad Loan Policy Agreement.

Apple Account

An Apple ID is needed in order to download apps. While using the iPad, apps can be downloaded for either coursework or personal use. Apps that you purchase (free or with a charge) will save to your Apple ID and not to the specific iPad.

How to create a new Apple ID

  • If you already have an Apple ID, log-in to access apps that you have previously downloaded.
  • To purchase an app for coursework or department work, please contact IT. IT does not purchase mobile apps for personal use.

It is not required to register a credit card to have an Apple account, but if you wish to purchase paid apps or anything from iTunes, you will need to register a card with your account. 

Technical Support

When you first receive your device, make sure to spend a couple of hours testing it out. If there are any issues, we can replace it.

On campus →  submit a Hardware Issues ticket to IT and we will replace your iPad!

While traveling →  If you are able, send in a Helpdesk ticket with the Asset # of the iPad and we may be able to troubleshoot the issue remotely. Do not reset the iPad unless you are connected to the internet or you may be locked out of the device. We may be limited on troubleshooting that we can do if you are traveling.

Storing and Managing Data

If lost or accidentally deleted, we are not able to retrieve or restore information (notes, pictures, videos, etc) that is stored locally on the device. Upload all materials to a computer or Google Drive as soon as you are able.

If traveling, make sure to check your iPad storage to track how much space is available.

  • Upload materials to another device using the USB charge cord for the iPad. For example, connect the device to a computer and navigate to the removable drive (similar to using a thumb drive) and drag-and-drop pictures from one device to another.

  • On the iPad, you may need to enter the passcode on the device to mark the computer as a trusted device. A notification message will appear if this is needed.

Returning the iPad

Do not return iPads to the IT Helpdesk - if you need to return an iPad, please contact IT to schedule an appointment. Make sure that all materials that you wish to keep are removed from the iPad. We will wipe and reset all devices once they are returned.

We will need the following on return:

  • All items that were checked out (case, charger, iPad)
  • You need to sign out of your Apple ID
  • Your contact information and Asset # of the iPad

If the iPad is not returned by the return date or if there are any items missing/damaged, you may be charged their replacement cost. Please let us know if you need some extra time to return the iPad and we could find an alternative date.


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